MSNBC Appearance on Student Loan Debt Crisis

On Saturday, I appeared on MSNBC to discuss the student loan debt crisis and why I’m not immediately going to college. Thanks for watching.

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.56.50 AM

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 7.11.48 AM

One Comment on “MSNBC Appearance on Student Loan Debt Crisis”

  1. Hey Nikhilgoyal,
    Speaking of which, Two friends and I started an organization at the university we attend a couple of years ago. The university has a long policy of nondiscrimination which it must follow and which all other university sponsored organizations, such as our group, must follow. I have no problem with such a policy and very much support it.

    Our organization has become a rather competitive group to become a part of and because of that we have adopted an application process. We have come under scrutiny from the university and a list of students who claim we either did not accept them into our organization because they are obese or overweight or we treated them unequally within our organization because they were obese or overweight. That truth is that we certainly do base decisions on the general appearance of an individual, specifically if they are overweight or fit, because we’ve concluded that the physical appearance of an individual is quite an accurate indication as to what type of work ethic a person has. Furthermore, recent studies seem to show that an overweight or obese person may not be harmless as we’ve come so inclined to believe.……

    I’m completely baffled as to how this would constitute a violation of the discrimination policy as we are basing our decisions of acceptance purely on fact, not prejudice. Science continues to support our claims and it seems ridiculous that the university can tell us we must change our application process. We have appealed to the university and are hoping for a reversal. My question to you is how can this possible be considered discrimination. As I stated I’m completely baffled and we may consider ending our organization if the university upholds it previous decision.
    Good Job!

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