Nikhil Goyal is the author of Schools on Trial: How Freedom and Creativity Can Fix Our Educational Malpractice (Doubleday/Random House, 2016) and PhD candidate in Sociology of Education at the University of Cambridge.

He has appeared on MSNBC and FOX and written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TIME, VICEThe Nation, and other publications. Goyal has testified before the New York State Education Reform Commission and had speaking engagements with the Clinton Global Initiative University, Google, Yale, Stanford, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, LEGO Foundation, among others. In 2013, he was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He is also a recipient of the 2013 Freedom Flame Award. He serves on the board of The National Center for Fair & Open Testing (FairTest).

Goyal holds a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Education degree from the University of Cambridge. He lives in New York.

To contact, email him at ngoyal2013@gmail.com.

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