Education Week: Brandon Greene Launches New Project to Feature Student Journalism: January 10, 2013

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Diane Ravitch: Nikhil Goyal Flunks Obama’s Education Policies: December 1, 2012 Does One Size Fit All?: An interview with 17-year-old Nikhil Goyal: December 2012

New York Times: Saying No to College: November 30, 2012

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Washington Post: Nikhil Goyal, 17: the future education secretary?: October 19, 2012

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Teaching Out Loud: One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Perspective: September 8, 2012 High School Student Nikhil Goyal Advocates for an Education Revolution in America: September 6, 2012

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User Generated Education: Student Voice in Educational Reform: November 6, 2011


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