Nikhil Goyal is a sought-after speaker due to his youth and unconventional perspective. He has spoken at more than fifty conferences and events, including Clinton Global Initiative University, Google, Fast Company, Yale, Stanford, University of Cambridge, SXSW, among others.


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Transforming Education

In this lecture, Nikhil Goyal shines light on the most extraordinary models of learning around the nation. He presents case studies and research that suggest schools are exhausting children’s creativity, curiosity, and love of learning. He draws from many years of reporting and research on alternative, progressive, and experiential education, the history of public education, the science of learning, and the maker movement.

The Fight Against Corporate, Neoliberal Education Reform

In this talk, Nikhil Goyal exposes the insanity of the corporate education reform agenda from high-stakes standardized testing to privatization to austerity measures. Drawing from his experience as a student in the No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top era, he discusses why we need to adequately fund public education, move away from the drill, kill, bubble-fill culture, support teachers and teachers’ unions, and dismantle the standardized testing regime.

Student Voice and Rights

Children are people, too. Nikhil Goyal shows why young people need autonomy, dignity, and rights and deserve to have their voices heard and represented in school. He examines democratic and free schools, where students and teachers participate in democratic meetings and vote on school policies. Later, he discusses student rights, how students can exercise them, and spot incidents where their rights are being violated.

Reinventing College Admissions

For decades, colleges and universities have relied on traditional metrics, like grades and standardized test scores in the admissions process. Nikhil Goyal argues that students are multi-dimensional human beings, not simply numbers in a spreadsheet, and the admissions process should reflect that reality. He traces the history of college admissions, presents the problems with the SAT and ACT, and offers examples of colleges that have gone test-optional and have innovative admissions processes.


Here is Nikhil’s speech at the One Voice United Rally in front of thousands in Albany, New York.

Here is Nikhil’s TEDxFrontRange talk: Would Einstein Get Into Harvard?